Pun-tastically Soft, Eco-tastically Safe

Meet Eiffel Towel - the only towel made from TENCELâ„¢ with less water, less energy and NO insecticides or pesticides.  It's engineered for your baby, fur baby & you! (more info)

Engineered for (fur) babies!

We love kids, and we know you do too.  Whether you have a puppy, newborn or you're just a child at heart, we have Eco-friendly TENCELâ„¢ Towels for you.  Our towels are made with no harsh chemicals, have the softest material for the most sensitive skin, and are super durable.

"I love them! Woof" - Kiko the dog

Our customers were so enthusiastic about our human towels that they wanted a set for their fur babies.  Whether you have a dog, cat, panda or unicorn, we have a towel for your four legged friend.

50% off Retail Prices

The number of middle men in the traditional retail process is ginormous, so we cut them out by selling directly to you.  Wasting money makes you uncool!  Saving money makes you cool!   Be the cool person! 

Save the Planet

Until we become an inter-planetary species (c'mon Elon!), then we need to make sure we don't do any further damage to our planet.  Let's do away with these poorly made and cheap textiles.  Eiffel Towels use less water, less energy and no harmful pesticides or insecticides during the manufacturing process.  They are also super durable and last a really long time!

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